Irek R. Khasanov
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Main Researcher of FGBU VNIIPO of EMERCOM of Russia.

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Lobachevsky State University, 1977

Professional experience

Since 1985 – different positions from Junior Researcher to Deputy Chief of the All-Russian Research Institute of Fire Protection

Field of research

Scientist in the field of large fire development modeling and justification of assessment norms for fire safety systems of buildings and constructions. Research interests: development and improvement of modeling methods, fire prediction methods as well as distribution features of dangerous fire factors resulting from accidents, explosions, catastrophes and natural disasters; information and settlement-analytical support of management decisions at elimination of fires and technogenic emergencies. He is the author of more than 160 scientific works.

Membership in professional associations

Member of the Interagency Coordination Scientific Council on Problems of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations, Member of the Expert Council of UGPN EMERCOM of Russia, Member of scientific and technical Council of VNIIPO of EMERCOM of Russia, Member of the PTS FGU VNIIGO CHS (FTS) and of the National Academy of Fire Safety Sciences (NANPB).



Latest issue
2024 № 2 (20)

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Moscow region, 143903, Russia


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